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    vCSA 6.0: Bad URL displayed in "pi shell" disclaimer

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      I enabled the bash shell in the vCSA 6.0 appliance, and each time I start it using "pi shell" the following disclaimer is printed:


          ---------- !!!! WARNING WARNING WARNING !!!! ----------
      Your use of "pi shell" has been logged!
      The "pi shell" is intended for advanced troubleshooting operations and while
      supported in this release, is a deprecated interface, and may be removed in a
      future version of the product.  For alternative commands, exit the "pi shell"
      and run the "help" command.
      The "pi shell" command launches a root bash shell.  Commands within the shell
      are not audited, and improper use of this command can severely harm the
      Help us improve the product!  If your scenario requires "pi shell," please
      submit a Service Request, or post your scenario to the
      communities.vmware.com/community/vmtn/server/vcenter/cloudvm forum.


      ... but the URL referenced here (http://communities.vmware.com/community/vmtn/server/vcenter/cloudvm) cannot be found!


      I have one or two scenarios that require the use of "pi shell" and I really want to post them here in the forums, but a forum named "cloudvm" does not (yet?) exist.


      Can someone from VMware please comment? Should I just post *here* or wait for the cloudvm forum to be created?