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    Having issues getting vVOLs to work with 3PAR

    MattG Master

      Have a 3par 7200 running fw:


      I have connected vCenter 6 on a HP BL460 G9 running vSphere to the 3PARs VASA url.  However I cannot get the PE to be visible to the ESXi host.  I run the following command:

      esxcli storage core device list -–pe-only


      And no PEs show up.


      In Log Insight I am seeing these warnings:

      WARNING: ScsiPath: 679: Sanity check failed for path vmhba34:C0:T1:L256. The path to a VVol PE comes from adapter vmhba34 which is not PE capable. Path dropped.


      The G9 blade is using the 536FLB CNA.


      Any help would be appreciated.




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