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    vSphere client 6 - revert to snapshot bug

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        It looks like there is a bug while connecting with vSphere client 6 ( GA ) to vCenter 6 ( GA )  . VMs look like having a snapshot ( even if they don't have )  if you look at the Snapshot buttons on the menu , or if you right click on the VM -> Revert to snapshot is NOT grayed out, even more, you are allowed to do a "revert to snapshot" , even if there is no snapshot. I've tried to create a snapshot , remove all snapshots, as a test, but same situation .


        For more info, have a look at the attachment.


      I'm curious if there is a link for reporting bugs of vSphere 6 GA ? not Beta . I wouldn't open a SR for each minor thing , even more as right now I'm currently testing it in my home lab ( no supported hardware ).


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