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    create a dynamic group for all virtual machines

    rgcda Enthusiast

      I'd like to create separate dynamic groups for all my Windows virtual machines and all my Windows physical machines.  Is there a way to do that via regular expressions?  It doesn't appear granular enough to create something like that.  We have vROps that collects a lot of metrics from virtual machines like CPU usage, memory usage, and network utilization to name a few.  If I install Hyperic on these virtual machines it will collect the same metrics and I'll have duplicate data in vROps.  So I would like to have a separate profiles for Win32, CPU, FileServer Physical Disk, etc. for virtual machines and physical machines.  I was going to attempt using dynamic groups but I'm not thinking Hyperic will be able to manage this.  If you have any suggestions or knowledge on doing this via dynamic groups that would be great.


      Thank you.