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    Issue with replacing vRO Client Certificate

    jmedd Enthusiast

      Using vRO 5.5.2, I have replaced the default certificate with one signed by an internal Microsoft CA. If I navigate via a web browser to the URL https://vroserver.fqdn:8281 the certificate behaves correctly, I don't get prompted about the certificate before viewing the site and can view the certificate successfully in the browser.





      So that all looks good. However, when I connect from the same client machine with the vRO client I get prompted with the below:






      The below KB suggests (near the bottom of the article) that :


      If your Orchestrator SSL certificate is issued from a CA not imported in the Orchestrator keystore, you might receive warning certificate messages when you try to connect the Orchestrator client to the Orchestrator server. To fix that, add your root CA certificate to the Orchestrator keystore on the machine on which the Orchestrator client is installed.


      and then steps to register the root CA certificate with the client.





      However, the path ‘orchestrator_installation_directory\jre\lib\security\jssecacerts.’ doesn’t seem to exist.




      Any ideas?