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    Setting up routing between vlans on Virtual Switch

    MKruer201110141 Novice

      I am using VMware in a development environment.  Part for the development process requires a simulation of a geo-redundant cluster setup for the VMs. As part of each setup, the cluster uses its own Virtual Private Network 192.168.x.x/24 network


      Right now I have both clusters in the same vlan on the virtual switch. With this setup I am able to access both subnets and both clusters can talk to each other. (i.e. I can reach and system in the cluster from any ip, and vice versa.) See Attached: VMware_Single_vlan_setup.png


      Now I am trying to place each cluster in its own vlan. The problem that I am seeing is that because and are on two different vlans, I have lost the ability to access each the other network (i.e. I can NOT reach and system in the cluster from any ip, and vice versa.)  See Attached: VMware_Multi_vlan_setup.png


      I think I need to setup a route from vlan 1001 to 1002 on the virtual switch, I have looked at Understand How Virtual Machine Traffic Routes https://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-25426 and some other docs, but I cannot seem to find any documentation on this specific setup.


      Has anyone done this in the past. How can i forward the IP traffic from each subnet to each other?