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    Certification Renewal / Upgrade Path (VCP-DCV to VCDX-DCV)

    josha01 Lurker

      I understand that for the re-certification that you may upgrade to a higher-level certification (VMware documentation notes VCP5-DCV upgrading to VCDX5-DCV) and that you may upgrade to the same level of certification on the newer version of vSphere (VCP5-DCV upgrading to VCP6-DCV when available).


      Is it possible to upgrade both the version and focus while re-certifying?

           Ex. VCP5-DCV ->  VCDX6-DCV (when available)


           VCP5-DCV -> VCP6-DCV -> VCDX6-DCV (when available)


      I would like to minimize the amount of coursework as much as possible. I am very much interested in upgrading to the V6 version of the certificate but would rather spend my efforts on the VCDX6 than re-earning a cert so to speak. Any input is appreciated.