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    Increasing storage not pssible

    ckopf Lurker

      After replacing the disks and both nodes of my vsa cluster succesfully, i tried to increase the storage of my cluster.

      The "increase storage wizzard" fails to do so, and told me there is IO on the disks, allthough all virtual machines were powered off.

      I found out, that this message is also shown, when the current owner of a volume, is not the primary owner of that volume.

      I checked this using WSCLI.jar GetStorageCluster (see below). Even after replacing the nodes again, the primary owner of one volume is not changed to the new "current owner".

      Is there a way to change the primary owner to the current owner?


      Storage entity 0:


              Id = 79bfad1b-03de-459e-80b0-71bd1fdab119

              Name = NFSv3StorageEntityBlc-79bfad1b-03de-459e-80b0-71bd1fdab119

              State = ONLINE

              AccessInterface =

              Export Member SVA Id = 05784047-efe7-49d4-8bed-2fce08923f91

              # Exports = 1


                      Name = NFSv3Export-f04f7529-82c6-4017-84bf-e3e0f19deef8

                      Id = f04f7529-82c6-4017-84bf-e3e0f19deef8

                      StorageEntity Id = 79bfad1b-03de-459e-80b0-71bd1fdab119

                      Export Path = /exports/f04f7529-82c6-4017-84bf-e3e0f19deef8

                      Acl[] = [ ]


                              Name = Volume-875f2579-a0a6-4827-be71-70a00ccac0eb

                              Id = 875f2579-a0a6-4827-be71-70a00ccac0eb

                              Size = 1874296832

                              Primary Owner = bb5b397b-2028-4b46-93f1-3409af7e33b7

                              Current Owner = 05784047-efe7-49d4-8bed-2fce08923f91

                              Export Id = f04f7529-82c6-4017-84bf-e3e0f19deef8

                              State = ONLINE (current owner not primary)

                              Type = RAID1

                              # Disks = 2

                              Sync Percent = 100,00 %

                              Sync Time-to-Complete = 0 sec.

                              Sync Speed = 0 KB/s


                                              Name = Disk-adba4090-109c-44fb-a3b7-dc03c63e0134

                                              Id = adba4090-109c-44fb-a3b7-dc03c63e0134

                                              Owner Id = 05784047-efe7-49d4-8bed-2fce08923f91

                                              State = ONLINE

                                              Synced = true


                                              Name = Disk-15cecca8-f963-476f-9517-e94c9a7b9c71

                                              Id = 15cecca8-f963-476f-9517-e94c9a7b9c71

                                              Owner Id = 77fa9dc8-ec67-453b-825a-c8c17a61a080

                                              State = ONLINE

                                              Synced = true