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    VMWare server 2 on Windows 2008 - Guest Win 7 can not ping host but host can ping Guest

    davidmatthewson Novice

      This is an odd one.. I have two near identical set-ups, with Dell 710 servers running W2008 R2 x64. Both are on the same 192.168.16.x LAN and point to the same gtw - Both run VM Server 2 and host a few Win 7 VMs.


      The Servers & VMs work fine and everything can talk and ping the Internet BUT the guests on server A can't ping or connect to a UNC on server A but can ping server B and guests on B. The reverse is also true, Guests on B can ping server A and ping guests on server A but can not ping or connect to UNCs on server B.


      All machines have static IPs, unique MACS and use Bridged VM networking.


      All fire walls are OFF.


      The servers use Broadcom teamed NICs.


      I've spent quite a time on Google and here looking at versions of this problem and have now run out of ideas - so all help much appreciated!


      (I know ESX is the real answer and yes, when we get new servers that's what we'll do but until then.....)