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    UPS Shutdown script for VM`s (vMA). ESXi 5.5

    chinkovm Lurker

      Hi! Anyone, help me, please. I have vMA 5.5 with conneсtions to some servers, ESXi 5.5 Update 2, APC UPS`s together with servers, customized NUT - software for work with UPS. Purpose is shutdown virtual machines, when electricity is switched off, then UPS`s begin to work. I need a test script for my ESXI that can does it, like these.


      ESX/ESXi APC/APCUPSD Host Shutdown VI Perl Toolkit Script (ghettoShutdown.pl/upsVIShutdown.pl) -- [ DEPRECATED ]

      But there are old scripts for ESXi Version 3.5 or 4 and when I launch these, my Perl doesn`t work, giving an error.


      Probably it`s a conflict between versions. I can`t update my Perl too, because SUSE find system files, which interfer to update (picture 2).


      Do you know, where I can find shutdown script for my ESXi version? I couldn`t found it in the Internet.

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          IndependisGmbH Lurker

          Hey, possibly our new tool can help with that problem...


          It´s not a script, but a standalone software, currently in the state of Beta-Testing. We use it exactly for this issue with our own clients.
          The software won´t work with free VMWare versions, and it´s "special" concerning APC UPSs (they block with their own drivers the access to  the charge condition of the battery, so you have to restore original windows drivers, which is a very easy thing to do, but you can´t use APC software parallel to ours)


          If you are interested, you can find a free full working version here: www.opmonis.de/en/downloads


          Criticism, suggestions and any feedback are welcome!