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    Update/upgrade Esxi 3.5U3 to U5 - how?

    CyberOla Lurker

      I have an Esxi 3.5.0U3 (build 123629) server that I want to update to 3.5.0U5 to be able to run windows 7 hosts.

      How do I do it?

      I only have a free stand alone server running on Dell PowerEdge 1950 hardware, with Vmware infrastructure client, now upgraded to free vSphere.


      What I have tried

      - I got help to find a specific iso for this update (http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=MTXWX). When I boot the server with this CD I get Install and Repair options only, not Update.


      - According to another KB (1006089) I have three other options for updating

           -Vmvare Update manager. I don't understand what is needed for to use this tool. vCenter, whatever that is?

           -Vmvare infrastructure update. Is installed together with the old vmvare infrastructure client. I can run it, but I get the error "Unable to reach Vmware update service". Someone said this tool is obsolete.

           - Remote CLI vihostupdate utility. I have not understood what is needed for this tool. Is it free? How do I install and user it?

      Also I read a lot about command line commands (CLI), even for upgrading. Can that be a solution? But shame to say I do not know how to connect to the server in command line... tried Putty but could not connect.

      So your help is really needed here! How do I upgrade..?