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    vSAN on vSphere 5.5 - question about the compatibility of motherboard

    malefik Enthusiast

      Good afternoon, colleagues.

      There is a servers with motherboards Intel S2600GZ, which is in the compatibility list with VMware in the "Systems / Servers".

      Can I be sure in advance that it will work on vSAN if the external RAID will not be used (the connection discs will be directly into the motherboard)? Keyword "S2600GZ" or "C602" section vSAN not looking for anything and it scares ...

      Or, for example, take even an external RAID - some Adaptek, - in the list of compatibility is present, and in this vSAN manufacturer does not even have. This means that at any vSAN Adaptek not will work?

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          zdickinson Expert

          The S2600GZ is on the vSphere HCL:  Link  You should be good there.  As for vSAN, there are only three pieces of hardware on that HCL.  I/O Controller, HDDs, and SSDs.  Team the S2600GZ with items from vSAN HCL and it should be a supported config.  Note, supported does not mean appropriate for all workloads.  If it's a heavy workload make sure to get higher end I/O controller, HDD, and SSD.  For the I/O Controller check the queue depth and whether is supports pass through or not.  In pass through you can hot swap a drive in the even of a failure.  If RAID 0 is required you need to down the host, replace the drive, and re-create the RAID 0.  For the SSD, check the performance class AND the endurance class.  The HDDs are pretty straightforward.  The faster the better.  The larger the better.  SAS over SATA.  Etc...  Hope this helps, Zach.