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    Hardware refresh - stay with standard server/san or go with new converged systems?

    dflagler Lurker

      Currently we use a mix of 2 socket 2U servers for out vsphere 5.1 hosts.  We have 5 in prod site and 6 in dr/dev site. Each site is in its own cluster.  SRM is used for failover.  Currently 144GB RAM per server  Some of the servers are aging out and we need to increase memory for both sites.  Our pain points are memory and storage.  CPU has not been an issue, we have never exceeded 25%.  We have about 100 virtual servers in each site.

      We are considering a couple of possible solutions:  Dell's FX2 chassis with up to 4 compute nodes each and keep our current EqualLogic SANs or Nutanix 3000 series.

      The FX2 is basically 4 nodes in one with simplified cabling, not a lot different than standard servers.  The Nutanix on the other hand is a new ballgame since it has self contained storage.

      Issue we have is I can't find anyone that actually runs vsphere with server guests and also SRM and datacenter failover.  All references I have been able to find use Nutanix for VDI.

      Anyone out there use Nutanix, or know someone who does, for other than VDI?  Say a datacenter with more than 100 guests, 99% windows 2008R2, a wide range of apps from Citrix XenApp (just apps, not desktops), to MS SQL and exchange 2010?