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    Importing Data in a multitenant environment

    TheVMinator Master

      I need a solution in a multitenant environment where customers can send large amounts of data by mail on a physical storage device, and we can import it into the datacenter.  How should I design my infrastructure for this?  Should I create a an intermediate storage solution where I can plug in a USB device and copy it onto a special datastore that has special security and containment, and then selectively allow that to be transferred to selective areas only?  The issue is that if the customer needs to give us a virtual machine to import with 4TB of data there is no good way to upload it where we would have proper network controls in place to scan the data and secure what can be done over the vpn connection.


      However if a storage device can be walked into the datacenter that we don't know what is on it, it could have potentially anything on it.  What does the right design for allowing this to happen look like when I determine what that customer USB storage device will connect to and where the entry point for that data will be into our environment?