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    VSA, iSCSI and multiple esxi's

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      Most of the time I'm using the VCSA connected to an NFS server, and using the VCSA I'm mounting the share on multiple ESXi hosts. So far, so good.

      I didn't use iSCSI because I thought that sharing a single iSCSI session (even if it comes from multiple ports but they all comes from a single target) is a No No.


      However, in recent days I understood that it's possible to do it, and for home environment (single connection from iSCSI target to the VCSA) it's possible. Unfortunately, I couldn't find some good VMWare docs how's it possible and if it is possible at all.


      Just a simple diagram:

      - my ZFS On Linux machine which hosts the iSCSI server/target stuff - A simple (L2) switch - ESXI machines - my VCSA.


      Possible? how so? any links would be helpful