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    Few datastore in one vSAN

    malefik Enthusiast

      Colleagues, in vSAN can only rely on one of the shared storage drive? Or from different disk groups, you can create different datastore?

      Let me explain: I want to to have based on a system of two vSAN datastore: one fast, but a small volume disk (for virtual machines, databases) and the second on slow, but large volume (for file server).

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          jgaleano Novice

          Hi Malefik



          following the vSphere 5.5 Configuration Maximums, in a single cluster you can only have 1 VSAN datastore, so what you need is not supported right know, you can have multiple disk groups in a cluster but only one datastore.


          What you can do its generate multiple FTT levels to tolerate failures.


          Here are the link of the Configuration Maximus, and a capture of the relevant info.






          Hope this info works for you.

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            depping Champion
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            I think you misunderstood the VSAN concept.


            VSAN takes local disks and a local flash devices, and aggregates those resources of at a minimum 3 hosts in to a single shared datastore. Any availability or performance requirements are to be specified through the policy, and you assign that policy to a VM. Through that policy your VM will be then provisioned in such a way that it will meet the requirements.


            When you design a VSAN cluster it is highly recommended to have uniform systems and uniform disks. So all disks preferably the same type / size.