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    USB over IP and vMotion

    StageCoach201110141 Enthusiast

      Are there vMotion incompatibilities if I am using a usb over IP solution, that cause either the vmotion to be stopped or my usb over IP solution to be hindered?

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          Hi StageCoach201110141


          None. All the client connected USB device (USB over IP) should be reconnected to the VM after vMotion.


          There are a few caveats : If you vMotion your VM to a host that has an older version of ESX (and thereby an older HW version), then some functionality might be affected.


          For example: If you have a USB 3.0 device connected to a Windows 8 VM on ESX and your VM moves to an older version of ESX that does not support virtual USB 3.0 controllers ( as dictated by the HW version), then your USB device might not be usable in the guest.