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    Error 401 Unauthorized: Unauthorized response code on post request.

    bindu_unni Lurker



      We are currently in the process of writing an adapter for vCloudAir. While performing post operations  for various set of operations, from couple of days “401 Unauthorized error” response is  received for the first time. Consequent submission of the same requests completes the specific operation with status success.



      For example:

      POST: https://vchs.vmware.com/api/vchs/compute/4970848e-c2fb-41d6-beea-2d25429a76bb/vdc/3d326702-7bfa-4146-980b-eb7d6a538f6d/vcloudsession results in 401 error for the initial set of requests. When we resubmit the same request we are receiving correct response.



      This error response is completely random and is being occurring frequently. Sometime while provisioning the instance, it fails with 410 response code.



      Request help to resolve this issue.