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    power off every 2 hours..with a twist

    sunespeg Lurker

      I have this weird problem with a guest computer that poweres down every 2 hours according to web management. In the details it says "powered down by guest " (i cant remember exact wording, but it indicates it was a local shutdown)

      The twist is that the machine is not really powered off, it is running silently, it can be accesed thru VNC and FTP.
      A "power on " restores acces to it, and it runs as before, all programs remain open etc.


      Problems started after a server crash.
      The hardware was changed (identical server), but some bios sn &mac adresses have changed, could this be cause of problem?

      Initially the virtual machines wouldnt start because files were locked, i renamed the lock files and that problem vanished.


      Running server 2.0.2 on a proliant ml350 g5


      Any suggestions are highly appreciated !

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          Welcome to the Community,


          I'm a bit confused with the "running silently"!? Anyway, what I could think of - in case it's a Windows VM is that the Windows requires re-activation to stop the 2-hour restart cycle!?



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            sunespeg Lurker

            What i mean is that the virtual machine is listed as powered off, but in reality it is still running.

            The virtual runs vnc and other sevices, so therefor i know it is running.


            I just checked the windows activation, it was reactivated after changing hardware.
            However in vmware server webmanager, there is a "enter serialkey" in the menu, could this mean that the vmware is running without a serial and this is causing the 2 hour period ?

            I thought this version of vmware was free, maybe that is not the case ?

            It has been running fine for 5 years until the crash, but maybe the vmware lost the key or dropped it because of hardware changes ? I didnt set it up back then so i have  no idea how it was set up.

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              sunespeg Lurker

              Additional information:
              Windows is deffintly activated, and when i click "enter serial" inside server web manager, a serial is allready listed.


              It is confirmed that the virtual machine is indeed running, despite it is listed as "powered off" in manager.