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    Maci mini ESXi automatically start after detected power failure

    MichalMMac Novice

      I am currently setting up Mac mini 2012 as ESXi 5.5u2 host.

      Mac minis are able to automatically start only after loss of power (http://www.virtuallyghetto.com/2013/02/enable-auto-startup-after-power-failure.html) or on schedule (every day at X:X PM). They can't automatically start when power is connected (after clean shudown -> power off).


      I am dealing with this setup.

      Our UPS are centrally managed by NUT (Network UPS Tools - Welcome). So when power goes out NUT server notifies all clients to shutdown. There is such client for ESXi (http://rene.margar.fr/2012/05/client-nut-pour-esxi-5-0/).


      However If I want Mac mini to automatically start, it's power must be cut off.

      In OS X there is halt -u command which does what I want.

      -u      The system is halted up until the point of removing system power,

              but waits before removing power for 5 minutes so that an external

              UPS (uninterruptible power supply) can forcibly remove power.

              This simulates a dirty shutdown to permit a later automatic power

              on. OS X uses this mode automatically with supported UPSs in

              emergency shutdowns.


      1) Halt OS

      2) Wait for loss of power

      3) When power is restored SMC automatically starts Mac mini


      Is there a way to do the same in ESXi?

      Desired scenario would look like this

      1) NUT client on ESXi host gets notification of imininent power failure

      2) Shudown all running VMs

      3) HALT hypervisor

      4) wait for powerloss


      I found halt command in ESXi shell but it shutdowns Mac mini (complete power off).