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    Convert IDE > SCSI Disk

    snowfresh Enthusiast

      Would it be possible to ghost a disk image from an IDE disk to a SCSI disk?


      By adding a 2nd SCSI disk before this "migration" the LSILOGIC driver is added to the system.


      Is this gonna work?


      The VM solution requires editing a vmdk file, mine is 7GB so thats not gonna work.


      Any other ideas?



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          donbaek Enthusiast
          VMware Employees

          Yes, if you add the SCSI driver as you mention and also make sure you keep the geometry (you can hand edit it in the .vmdk file) that should work.


          I have tried it on physical systems in the past (moving a SCSI disk from one controller to another), but not on a virtual machine, but in theory it is the same deal even though it is from IDE to SCSI - just make sure you get the geometry right.


          You say that you cannot edit a vmdk file because it is large - please note that this editing refers to the small header file - the content of the virtual disk (e.g. sector data) is stored in other files referenced from here - the vmdk file itself is a simple text file describing what other files make up the disk file and other parameters (which includes the controller type and geometry).


          Hope this helps.

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            snowfresh Enthusiast

            thanks for your answer ...


            I have only one large vmdk file ... on this GSX box.


            on my ESX machines I have vmdk files AND -flat- files


            So I cannot edit this file. Am I missing something?

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              donbaek Enthusiast
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              You need to use the vmware-vdiskmanager tool to convert the disk to a type other than 0. You can read more here




              and here



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                Quotient Expert

                I've used the same process in the past a few times.


                1.  Add the second disk on an LSI Logic adapter and boot VM;

                2.  Add LSI Logic driver;

                3.  Reboot into PE / DOS and using ghost, etc. clone the original disk (IDE) to the new disk (LSI Logic);

                4.  Shutdown and remove the IDE disk;

                5.  Ensure the new disk is at scsi0:0;

                6.  Power up and make sure all is good;

                7.  Power down and migrate;

                8.  Add to inventory and upgrade hardware;

                9.  Power up and upgrade VMware Tools & Restart...


                Worked for me every time...

                Probably because ghost makes sure the geometry is correct.  I dunno, but it works...


                You could also consider upgrading to the free VMware Server...

                This process will remove GSX and you'll be able to upgrade the VMs to the Gen 5 spec before migration.

                Then migrate, add the VM to the inventory, upgrade VMware Tools...