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    Need help on deleting unused\orphand VMDKs

    UmaMaheshTalluri Novice

      Hi.. I have extracted RV Tools report to check orphand VMDK files and i got a list sorted with  "Possibly a Zombie vmdk file! Please check."


      Now we are planning to delete all the VMDKs which are showing as   "Possibly a Zombie vmdk file!" , so please suggest me if i can go ahead and deleting all these VMDKs by just browsing data stores and selecting the listed VMDKs and delete them ?



      Please suggest,.

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          Although RVTools is a very reliable tools, I would suggest you check the VM's log files (vmware.log) to see whether the .vmdk files are referenced. In case you have active snapshots (i.e. "<vmname>-00000X.vmdk" file names in the VM's HDD settings you should also be very careful. In any case, rather than deleting the files right away, I'd consider moving them to a new sub-directory in a first step, and - if everything continues to work as expected - delete these moved files at a later time.



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            If you're still unsure if they are really "zombie" try first move them to a different folder and let them there for some days/weeks until you're 100% sure that nothing is using these vmdks.


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