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    vSphere VMs automated provision and management

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      I was asked to come up with a way to have the VMware VMs provisioned and managed automatically. Basically what is required is to integrate our billing platform with our vCenter so each new ordered is automatically provisioned once approved by the Sales dept.

      Moreoever, the provisioned VMs need to be suspended/reactivated automatically.

      This will be strictly limited to provisioning individual VMs, no cloud instances or resource pools provisioning.

      While it is not expected of me to code the required modules and I will be having the full support of my programmer colleagues, I was asked to put them on the right track to develop the modules.

      I already looked into several options that could do it, but the information is not very clear as to what would be the best option:

      - vSphere API

      - VMware PowerCLI

      - VMware vRealize

      - UCS Director (a suggestion of a CCIE colleague)

      While the first two may be good candidates, I believe the last ones will act as middle components, requiring a two-way integration with both our CRM and with our vSphere instance. I may be wrong with my assumptions though or there may be other ways to do this and this is why I would rather hear the opinions of those who had to deal with this sort of requirements.

      Thank you.