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    Gemalpto Smart Card Reader only appears as "Shared" not "Passthrough"

    eurgain Novice



      I have a Win7 guest hosted on WS11.  I have tried the same VM using an OpenSUSE 13.2 and Ubuntu 14.10 host to the same (dead) end.


      PROBLEM: I have a Gemalto PC Twin USB Smart Card reader attached to the host that I need t have passed through to the guest.  All the documentation seems to suggest that two devices should appear in the "Removable Devices" menu - one for the reader in shared mode and one for the reader in pass-through mode.  However, I only ever see the shared reader, which appears to the guest as a generic card reader, rather than the sepcific Gemalto reader that I need the guest to see.


      I have added the line


      usb.ccid.useSharedMode = "FALSE"


      to /etc/vmware/config, but this makes no difference.


      It does not seem to matter whether pcscd is running on the host or not - the result is the same.


      I really do not know where to start - I have spent hours searching to try to resolve this, but to no avail.  Any help would be much appreciated.