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    Command to Update ESX Server 3i, 3.5.0, build #207095

    Jamboy3 Novice

      I have an ESX Server 3i, 3.5.0, build 207095 and I am trying to upgrade it with the latest patch (ESXe350-201302401-O-SG.zip) which I have copied over to a folder on the local drive:


      I am running the commands:

      "esxupdate install -b /vmfs/volumes/OS-Datastore/Patches/ESXe350-201302401-O-SG.zip"

      ... as well as

      "esxupdate install -d /vmfs/volumes/OS-Datastore/Patches/ESXe350-201302401-O-SG.zip"

      ... and all it does is give me a new line prompt. What does that means and why I cannot update my installation?

      I have further extracted the original zip file and it created these sub zip files:


      "ESXe350-201302401-T-BG.zip" and


      ... I have tried the command on them as well to no avail.

      How can I get this patch inistalled?

      What is the proper syntax?