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    Installing mib-files in vRops

    Hoelzeli Novice

      Hi all


      I've migrated from vCops 5.8.4 to vRealize Ops 6.0.

      But, the SNMP-Monitoring isn't working in 6.0. The mib-files I uploaded to 5.8.x haven't beend copied to vRops. I can't find them in the filesystem.

      The snmp-adapter is installed and is supported.


      Has anyone successfully migrated the snmp-stuff to 6.0, or can someone thell me how to upload/install the mib-files again?


      Is it the same procedure with uploading, running the updat-mibs.sh, modifying describe.XML and redescribe in vRops?

      I can't find anything in the documentation about installing mib-files.


      thanks for any help.