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    PowerCLI to get VMs 3 at a time.

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      I'm working on a larger script, and I can't seem to wrap my head around it.  I want to get the names of some VMs, but I want to be able to get the VMs by groups of 3, it could be 2, or 4, I just arbitrarily chose 3.  My ultimate goal is to export the VMs, but I want to section them off, so I'm not running a large export at once.


      So, if I have 12 VMs, I want to get the first 3, export them, and then the next 3, export them, and so on.


      I realize that it may not always be 12, or some number that divides by 3, but I see that if I use Select-Object and select the -First 5 of something that has only 3, it seems to work without any error, so I'm not too concerned with making sure that the count is divisible by a certain number. 


      I tried something like this:

      #$MyCount was already populated with five VM names

      $CountComplete = $null

      $CountComplete = @()




      While (($Mycount | sort)  -ne ($CountComplete | sort )) {



      $MyCount |  select -First 3 | Get-Unique

      $CountComplete += $Mycount






      #$CountComplete += $Mycount


      I know the above doesn't work, but I'm just wondering if that's the correct path?

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          Try something like this

          I placed some numbers in the array $test, but it could be VirtualMachine objects, the logic stays the same.


          $test = 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10


          $start = 0

          $step = 3


          while($start -le $test.Count){

              Write-Output "Handling $($test[$start..($start + $step - 1)])"

              $start += $step




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            That is very nice, I modified what I needed, and it's running just as it should.  I made this change below


            Get-VM ($mycount[$start..($start + $step - 1)])


            It grabbed the first 3, and then I can pipe that to whatever command that I need to, and then of course it loops back around and gets the next 3, and so on.


            I really appreciate your help, this is very useful.  As always, many many thanks.