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    General Question

    rcsd5310 Novice

      Can some one tell me what is the difference between LocalCLI(SSH) and vCLI and PowerCLI and which is good and where ?


      All 3 are similar and does the same work with different commands?


      Please some one show some light on it.


      It may be a dump question but I am confused to select.


      Thanks in advance.

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          alanrenouf Master
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          Very Basically....

          PowerCLI is a Microsoft PowerShell add-on that allows you to manage VMware infrastructure with PowerShell by giving you around 400 cmdlets to add into the default shell, if you are a windows guy or are already learning PowerShell then I would start here.

          vCLI is a number of different separate commands including VIFCG-* and ESXCLI which are used to manage your VMware environment from both Windows and Linux and commands which are installed on ESXi

          localcli should only be used when advised by VMware Support, this is not meant for automation of your VMware environment but local troubleshooting of a host in extreme circumstances.

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