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    workstation 11 and linux guest

    terryxela Enthusiast

      I have just installed the workstation 11 under opensuse 13.2 64 b

      1. windows guest 7 and 8.1 worked OK

      2. linux guest 32 and 64 also worked ok  that had some problems when using with workstation 10+.

           like having to remove open vm tools before compiling the modules then it compiled OK

           could not find the fs module to use in the sharefolders, sharefolder never worked, it looked everything was OK but the folders were not mounted


           With workstation 11 everything compiles with no errors and no interventions

           The sharefolders worked perfect.


      In summary great  release. I have not found any problems yet (;-) when using the workstation 11 in openSuSE 13.2 host with windows and linux guests.

      Thxs to the devs!!


      Merry Christmas!