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    vds: No ping between VMs in different ESXi hosts

    edrimonas Novice



      I have setup distributed switch in 5.1, I have all the VMs upgraded to version 9 (5.1 compatibilty) , while every ESXi has only one physNIC. I have migrated succesfully the management vmk0 to the distributed switch, but the strange thing is that there is no ping between VMs in different hosts. So practically the distributed switch is not working. As you can find below, the summary says that everything is up , there are no VLANs.

      As you can see below, VM pfSense148 is in the same port group with vyatta VM, but on different hosts. Each of the different hosts is linked with uplink 1 and uplink 2 respectively. However , I cannot ping between those 2 VMs.


      Please any ideas? Could you help?