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    VROPS integration not working

    kaufmanm Novice

      I'm trying to integrate the Log Insight with VROPS but when I put in a valid username and password I get the below error:


      Connection test failed: Invalid username or password


      Any idea where to start troubleshooting this? Do I need to install a solution or content pack on either end to get this working?


      I can see in http_api.log under SUITEAPI that it's sending the right password:


      2014-12-04 10:33:44,468 [ajp-bio-, GKt5BJRmCXZhJqhDMfrsAeETjhDx4k3N] DEBUG filter.CommonsRequestLoggingFilter - Before request [uri=/suite-api/api/auth/token/acquire?null;client=]

      2014-12-04 10:33:44,473 [ajp-bio-, GKt5BJRmCXZhJqhDMfrsAeETjhDx4k3N] DEBUG filter.CommonsRequestLoggingFilter - After request [uri=/suite-api/api/auth/token/acquire?null;client=;payload=<vcops:username-password xmlns:vcops="http://webservice.vmware.com/vCOpsSuite/"><vcops:username>insight_adapter</vcops:username><vcops:password>********</vcops:password></vcops:username-password>]


      Then in api.log there is a huge stacktrace, first few lines below:


      2014-12-04 10:33:44,469 [ajp-bio-, GKt5BJRmCXZhJqhDMfrsAeETjhDx4k3N] INFO server.config.ThrottleFilter - Allowing POST /auth/token/acquire

      2014-12-04 10:33:44,471 [ajp-bio-, GKt5BJRmCXZhJqhDMfrsAeETjhDx4k3N] ERROR server.controller.AbstractBaseController - User did not provide valid input

      org.springframework.http.converter.HttpMessageNotReadableException: Could not read [class com.vmware.ops.api.model.auth.UsernamePassword]; nested exception is org.springframework.oxm.UnmarshallingFailureException: JAXB unmarshalling exception; nested exception is javax.xml.bind.UnmarshalException: unexpected element (uri:"http://webservice.vmware.com/vCOpsSuite/", local:"username-password"). Expected elements are