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    Replace default certificate used by HTML Access agent

    VirtualSven Hot Shot

      When I want to use HTML5 access to virtual desktops, I have the option to tunnel the HTML5 traffic through a connection server or security server or I have the option to allow HTML5 access directly to the desktop. When I tunnel the traffic, the certificate is used from the connection server or security server, but when I don't want to tunnel the traffic, a self signed certificate is used to secure the connection to the desktop. The user is getting a message that the connection is untrusted (because of the self signed certificate). If I read this: http://www.vmware.com/pdf/horizon-view/horizon-html-access-document.pdf it says I can replace the self signed certificate, but I need to replace it on each desktop individually! This means I can't replace the certificate in the golden-image, which I use to create the linked-clones. Is there a way to automate the replacement of the self-signed certificate for HTML5 Access, or can/should I use a wildcard certificate in the golden-image?