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    VCIX-NV Exam Experience

    kianwah Novice

      Hi All,


      The VCIX-NV exam was released slightly more than a month ago and there isn’t much information on the Internet right now. Since I took the exam yesterday, I thought I give my experience of the exam. I also expected the exam to have issues since it is still very new.


      Some background information about me: I’m a CCIE, VCAP4/5-DCD and VCAP5-DCA and I have been working in the networking field for some time.


      PDF Documentation provided during the exam

      • NSX API guide
      • NSX Install guide
      • NSX Admin guide


      Cosmetic issues

      • When I started the exam, I saw the VCAP-DCA logo and I was thinking to myself if I booked the wrong exam or is Vue delivering the wrong exam???
      • The score report has the same VCAP-DCA logo and certification name.
      • At the start, the instructions wrote there are going to be 19 tasks in total but it turns out to be 18 (not 17 as per the blueprint).


      Other issues/feedback

      • Web client: Anyone who uses the web client will know how slow it is, how it crashes occasionally, how it is unable to display certain information etc.
      • Slow connection speed: Since this is a remote lab, I expected to have some lag. However, I encountered severe lag in the middle of the exam. In summary, the overall experience is worst than my VCAP5-DCA exam.
      • Screen refresh in the web client console: The whole console screen refreshes itself when there is a new line and this is really really slow. I suggest that we have SSH access to the Linux VMs instead.
      • Test VMs: The test VMs are not powered on and I have no idea why.
      • Topology: There is no topology diagram of what the test environment is like, what is pre-configured for us etc.


      I read that the VCIX-NV exam is designed to be tougher than the VCAP-DCA exam and the difficulty level is designed to be similar to the CCIE lab exam. I believed the certification exam has accomplished that! Comparing with the VCAP5-DCA exam, the questions in VCIX-NV are longer, more complex and more vague. You also have to do more tasks in the same time frame as well. Not sure if I can say anything more without violating the NDA.


      This exam is fair and everything tested is listed in the blueprint. To prepare for this exam, have lots of hands on practice and know everything in the blueprint. Right now, I am waiting for my results but I guess I have to take the exam again =)

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          hs77 Enthusiast

          How did you prepared for the Exam.

          was it the field experience with NSX or you used some kind of home lab or vmware hol

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            chunchitng Novice

            Hi Kian Wah, Have you receive the result yet? I think you should receive it coming Monday or Tuesday. I waited 4 days.

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              kianwah Novice



              Since my background is on networking, my main focus is on learning how NSX works and how to configure it. Hence, I read documentations, blogs, viewed VMworld sessions and HOL. After that, I setup a lab and played with the various features provided by NSX.




              Congrats on passing the exam! Unfortunately, I have not received my results yet. Previously, I had to wait 3 weeks for my VCAP5-DCA results.

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                kianwah Novice

                Hi all,


                Received my results this morning and I have passed!


                Here are some of the materials I used to prepare for this exams. Do note that the materials listed are only for learning NSX and you still need a strong foundation in networking concepts and vSphere. Also, I did not attend any classes and relied only on self study.



                VMware NSX design guide 2.0 - Overview of what NSX can do and some design guidelines



                http://networkinferno.net/nsx-compendium - Good overview of how NSX works

                VCIX-NV Study Guide  | Lostdomain.org - VCIX-NV study guide


                VMworld 2014:

                NET1583 - NSX for vSphere Logical Routing Deep Dive

                NET1586 - Advanced Network Services with NSX

                NET1588 - Load Balancer as a Service using NSX

                NET1589.1 - Reference Design for SDDC with NSX

                NET1743.1 - VMware NSX - A Technical Deep Dive

                NET1846.1 - Introduction to NSX

                NET2747 - VMware NSX - Software Defined Networking

                SEC1746 - NSX Distributed Firewall Deep Dive


                There are some content overlapping in the various VMworld sessions but I think it is a good refresher .



                HOL-SDC-1403 - VMware NSX Introduction


                Finally, setup your own virtual/nested lab! If you have no clue what to setup, you can build the same as the HOL-SDC-1403 topology. After that, try things out, break things and fix them!

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                  mjabian Lurker

                  Congratulation! Where can we download the trial version of NSX manager?

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                    chunchitng Novice

                    Hi, NSX is not available for download as trial version like other VMware product. Please talk to your local VMware representative.

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                      ArjithKaur Lurker

                      Hello, You can get many study material online for preparing and there is also many study groups also. You can join them, those are really useful there will be many vmware aspirants in those groups and you can easily build up your knowledge. For labs you need exact time management, because that is really a troubled area. If you cant manage your Lab time accordingly it may affect your results so better to practice for the labs, Rest you can manage. You can try any vmware practice lab , They helps in time management as well as you can get a mock lab before the real one's. I have tried VMware Lab Rentals, vmware online lab for VCIX and VCAP. It was really helpful. You can try that. I came to know about those lab from a user from this community.

                      Wish you all the best. You can reach me if you have any doubts regarding VCIX and VCAP exams, will try to help you. I am a VMware Professional.