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    SMTP works without firewall rule change on ESXi 5.1

    felixrandal Lurker

      I am emailing the ghettoVCB backup log file to an SMTP server that's a guest on the same ESXI 5.1.0,799733 host that I'm backing up.  I find that this does not require me to change the default firewall settings on the ESXi host.  I still get this error message in the log file though:

      2014-11-24 02:23:25 -- info: ERROR: Please enable firewall rule for email traffic on port 25

      2014-11-24 02:23:25 -- info: Please refer to ghettoVCB documentation for ESXi 5 firewall configuration


      According to netcat I can also connect to an SMTP host that's not a guest on the host I'm backing up and is in fact on a different subnet.


      Anyhow, just thought I'd mention it as a potential update to the documentation at ghettoVCB.sh - Free alternative for backing up VM's for ESX(i) 3.5, 4.x & 5.x


      Firewall configuration:

      # esxcli network firewall ruleset list

      Name                Enabled

      ------------------  -------

      sshServer              true

      sshClient             false

      nfsClient              true

      dhcp                   true

      dns                    true

      snmp                   true

      ntpClient              true

      CIMHttpServer          true

      CIMHttpsServer         true

      CIMSLP                 true

      iSCSI                 false

      vpxHeartbeats          true

      updateManager         false

      faultTolerance         true

      webAccess              true

      vMotion                true

      vSphereClient          true

      activeDirectoryAll    false

      NFC                    true

      HBR                    true

      ftpClient             false

      httpClient            false

      gdbserver             false

      DVFilter              false

      DHCPv6                false

      DVSSync               false

      syslog                false

      IKED                  false

      WOL                    true

      vSPC                  false

      remoteSerialPort      false

      vprobeServer          false