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        Fysicus Lurker

        I'm confused, are you running OSX as a host for vmware, or are you running it as a guest?

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          vbt101 Novice

          Both. I have a Mavericks host, and I am trying to run any version of OSX within a VM on that host while retaining multiple monitors. OSX 10.8, 10.9, and 10.10 guests failed to give me more than 1 monitor.


          It seems to me this is a Fusion problem, not an OSX config problem.

          • Multiple monitors works fine in a Win 7 guest on the same host machine (rules out host machine Spaces configs)
          • I would expect that if Fusion was exposing all of my monitors to the OSX guest, that the OSX guest would at least have some indication via Display/System prefs that more than one monitor is hooked up to it. The guest seems to think it only has 1 monitor.
          • When I switch from single window mode to full screen (ie, "Use All Monitors") mode in Fusion, the Fusion logs seem to indicate it is still only configuring 1 monitor, where I would expect to see 6:


          2015-02-17T18:43:36.762-05:00| vcpu-2| I120: Guest: svga: SetMode: mode w,h=1920, 1200 bpp=32

          2015-02-17T18:43:36.764-05:00| vcpu-2| I120: Guest: svga: SetMode: pitch=7680

          2015-02-17T18:43:36.764-05:00| vcpu-2| I120: Guest: fb: setDisplayMode: Display ID=1, Depth ID=0

          2015-02-17T18:43:36.764-05:00| vcpu-2| I120: Guest: fb: setDisplayMode: wxh=1920x1200, bpp=32, pitch=7680

          2015-02-17T18:43:36.765-05:00| vcpu-2| I120: Guest: fb: setDisplayMode: (1) wxh=1920x1200, 32 7680

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            vbt101 Novice

            Does anyone know what the correct method is for filing a bug for this issue? Alternatively, is there anything else I can do to diagnose why multiple monitors are not working in Fusion?


            Grepping through the vmware.log, I saw this, which is odd. Fusion seems to recognize that there are many displays, but then only exposes 1 of them to the guest (per my post above this one).


            vmware.log:2015-02-17T18:23:19.502-05:00| mks| I120: Current display topology: 6 displays, bounding size (5760 x 2400), scale 1.

            vmware.log:2015-02-17T18:23:19.517-05:00| vmx| I120: SVGA: Maximum display topology 9600x3200.

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              thearmlesswonder Lurker

              P2P Systems -
              Thank you soooooooooooo Freaking much !! haha. This worked and saved the day. Before I did this, all 3 displays were cloned.  Driving me crazy.


              Should I mess with the values at all to my machine ? I have a Macpro desktop. has a 2nd video card.


              Thanks again ! if your in Norfolk va, I'll buy you a beer !



              I am using three monitors with Window 7 and Fusion 7 from my rMBP.  Two are Display Port, one is HDMI.


              Did some searching around here and found a post that detailed the problem with Fusion 6.


              From that post, mudaltsov wrote this:


              We're gonna work on resolving this problem in Fusion, in the meantime here is a workaround. Shut down the VM and quit Fusion, then add the following lines to the .vmx file:

              svga.autodetect = "FALSE"

              svga.numDisplays = "3"

              svga.vramSize = "134217728"

              svga.maxWidth = "8192"

              svga.maxHeight = "4096"


              This will turn off the automatic detection of the display limits, and allow the VM to use up to 3 displays. You can change it to 4 if you think you might connect a 4th display (using both Thunderbolt ports and HDMI). The absolute maximum number of supported displays is currently 8.


              I followed the above steps and it works fine in Fusion 7 too. "

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                kastork Lurker

                This doesn't seem to be necessary anymore under Fusion 7.1.1  -- at least, on my 3-monitor system the Unity choice is available in the menu, and applications seem to basically work.


                However it doesn't matter, because applications can't present dialog boxes.  Even the Windows 8 dialog that asks if you are sure that you want to let a program run or install can't show up.


                I discovered this when I recently switched to unity mode for the first time after it started to be available again.  Skype kept starting up and I wanted to quit it.  But I couldn't, because the "are you sure..." dialog was never shown to me (though skype was waiting for me to click it.)  I killed it with the task manager, but the point is, any program that wants to show you a modal is going to appear to be hanging because it is waiting for you to click a button you can't see.


                I wonder if it is on the roadmap to make Unity view usable.

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                  xeroid966 Lurker

                  This worked for VMWare Fusion 8.5.3 with Windows 10 VM on Mac OS X 10.12.3. Thanks for the answer!

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