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    How to have Headphones and Speakers working at the same time

    DavideD Enthusiast

      Hi all,

      We are doing a pilot to our customer for 50 VDI clients. Client device is WinXP SP3/Win7 PC. Guest OS is Win7 with PCoIP protocol . The issue is related to audio redirection when using headsets. In brief, customer uses a softphone and need to have audio outs in both the headset and pc speaker, so that the operator hear the phone ring even without the headset worn . This behavior is working using the physical pc with its own o.s., but with virtual desktop, audio is redirect only to one of two channels (or headset or pc speaker).

      The headset is correctly seen by host and guest o.s. and the issue is not strictly related to softphone software, but in general, to redirect audio output to two channels (headphone and pc speaker) at the same time.

      The environment is:

      Host o.s. WinXP SP3 or Win7

      Guest o.s. Win7

      Horizon infrastructure (connection srv, composer, agent, client 6.0.0)

      Horizon Feature Pack and Teradici audio driver

      USB headset


      Does anyone have any idea to solve the problem ?

      thanks in advance

      Best regards