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    Nested ESXI Install wont recognize NIC

    mark7five7 Novice

      I tried installing a nested ESXI server last night but during the install it wont recognize that there is a network adapter installed.


      I have a network adapter added, it is set to connected and connect at power on.  At first I wanted to set up all my VMs in a LAN segment so I thought that maybe that was the issue so I powered the VM off and changed the NIC to a host only adapter but the install still fails with the same error.


      Anyone else have this issue?  The install can't continue without detecting a NIC.


      I already have a virtual 2008R2 domain controller and the NIC works fine.

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          Welcome to the Community,


          did you select ESXi as the guest OS in the New Virtual Machine wizard. The virtual NIC model that's used/created for the virtual machine depends on the OS selection. Open the VM's configuration (.vmx) file to see what NIC type was created and add ethernet0.virtualDev = "e1000" if it doesn't exist. If you are going to manually edit the .vmx file make sure the VM's tab in VMware Workstation is closed, so that the configuration file is re-read after you are done with editing.



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            mark7five7 Novice

            Man you are great, so far this looks like it is working.  I confirmed that I did select ESX as the guest operating system and for some reason it is not making : ethernet0.virtualDev = "e1000" in the config file.  Not really sure what the root cause is but at least your work around works.