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    [Blog] Using VMware vROPs to monitor Oracle Database and WebLogic.  Management Pack for Oracle EM, Hyperic Plugins, or Both?

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      This blog post provides a suggested methodology for helping users of VMware vROps/vCOps decide which of the existing solutions, the vROps Management Pack for Oracle EM and the VMware vROps Hyperic Plugins for Oracle, should be used to monitor their Oracle workloads.


      It’s been a nearly a year since VMware transferred the vCOps Adapter for Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) to Blue Medora and since that transfer Blue Medora has released a number of major updates as well as rebranded it the Blue Medora vROps Management Pack for Oracle EM. Over that same period of time VMware has continued to evolve their Oracle-focused (Oracle Database and WebLogic J2EE) Hyperic agent-based plugins culminating most recently with a October 2014 update to the Oracle Database plugin that provides support for Oracle Database 12c.


      vROps for Oracle Database - Management Pack vs Hyperic comparison

      vROps for Oracle options.png


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