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    After expanding volume, GhettoVCB takes twice as long

    Thomas_VDB Novice



      We are running a virtual SBS 2008 machine on ESXi 5.1, using an external NFS SAN.

      The VM has 2 virtual disk : Boot (150GB) and Data (800GB).

      Both disks are thin provisioned.

      Every night, we make a backup with GhettoVCB of the VM and this takes about 5 hours.


      A few days ago, I have increased the size of the Data disk (using VMware Vsphere Client > Edit VM settings > Hard disk).

      Then in the SBS machine, I increased the Data-volume (Disk management > expand).


      So In SBS2008, we have more free space on the data-volume, but we have not used much of that new space.

      However, GhettoVCB is now taking more than 12 hours to backup the VM.

      The resulting backup vm still has thin provisioned disks.


      Can someone please advise why the backup takes so long?