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    Emulex Corparation HP FlexFabric 10Gb-2port 554FLB / 554M - network unstabile after firmware and driver upgrade

    Touffi Enthusiast

      Hello everyone


      I upgraded 2 Server HP Gen 8 on monday firmware from SPP "2014090.2014_0827.10" and HP ESXi Drivers 5.1 U2 Sep 2014.

           firmware 10.2.340.19



      After two Hours lost both server connections. In Configuration/Network Adapters all devices gone and after a while they came back to display .

      Network cards were disabled in Configuration/Networking.

      After Reboot all network were OK but the problem raised again.


      The only solution I found was a roll back for the firmware and the net-b2net driver.

           firmware  4.9.416.0



      Does someone faced with the same problem?


      Thanks and Regards