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    backup script import-vapp question

    sipandbite Lurker

      So I am very new to powercli/powershell and am trying to work something out that on the surface seems very simple.


      My script basically clones a vm and then exports it as an ova to a new folder. I would like to import-vapp to a new host on a different vcenter. I have it working if I specify the source of import-vapp to a single ova file. The issue is that I will have multiple ova's I want to basically loop through:


      Import-vApp -Server my-source-VC -VMHost my-backup-host-on-new-VC -Source C:\scripts\VM_BACKUP_OVA\blah.ova -Name blah_backup.ova <----This will work since it is a single source.


      I have tried wild cards and also tried to dump the file names to a cvs file and read through that file and it always bombs out on no being about to find the Source.


      After much googling I haven't found this scenario anywhere. I am assuming there might be another command I am just not aware of that can make this very simple.