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    HELP!! Can't remove datastore - "in use"

    snowdog_2112 Enthusiast

      I've tried every suggestion out there, and still can't remove one datastore in my vCenter.


      (I've not been able to reboot the hosts, or even put them in maintnenace - that's not an option at the moment).


      2 -


      I've done the following:

      - migrated all VM's.

      - checked all vmx files for references to the datastore

         - found 2 VM's not in inventory or powered on, which referenced the datastore - changed those

      - deleted the .dvsData folder from the datastore

      - Not used for HA (the 2 hosts are not in a cluster)

      - made sure I/O Control is disabled on all hosts

          - even followed this: VMware Front Experience: How to disable Storage I/O Control for an unavailable datastore

      - no snapshots exist on any of the vm's that *were* on this datastore

         - also checked for orphaned *-00000x.vmdk on migrated vm's - none exist

      - unmounted the datastore

          - this works from one host, but not the other.

          - unmounting from host1 gives the red "X" on "no virtual machines exist (all others are green)

          - unmounting from host2 unmounts the datastore on host2 but it still shows as mounted on host1

      - deleting the datastore (whether mounted or not) fails with the "resource in use" error

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