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    Screen resolution changes reverting back when toggling between Yosemite and Fusion 7

    spiritride Lurker

      Upgrading to Yosemite on my MacBook Pro forced me to also upgrade from Fusion 5, which had been very stable and problem free. Unfortunately, I've experienced a very annoying behavior of the screen resolution in my Windows 7 virtual session when I toggle between Yosemite and the Windows 7 virtual partition. Any time I make a screen resolution change and change over to the Yosemite side, when I return to Windows 7, the resolution reverts back to the default 2880 X 1800 setting, which requires a magnifying glass to view! Anyone else experiencing this? I couldn't find a thread discussing this behavior, but I know Yosemite is new.


      Also, since this is clearly a bug, can someone tell me the best way to report this to VMWare? I'm sure they want to know about bugs, but I don't know the best way to report them. They were very helpful when I discovered the hard way that upgrading to Yosemite before first checking to see if Fusion 5 was compatible (it isn't) was a mistake on my part - they got me back on track and even though it's a bear to find out how to get a live person on the line with the VMWare site, once I did, I eventually got a guy who nailed it - kudos to their tech support team for that.