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      • 30. Re: Display Issues with Yosemite
        michaelprescott Novice

        I'm using late MacBook Pro Retina, two Thunderbolt connectors, and cable is thunderbolt (I guess) to older mini-display connectors on two external monitors.  Worked fine till clean install of OS X and update to VMWare 7.x.

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          dasfreund Novice

          Ya- I'm connecting 2 24" Apple Displays (mini display adapter) into my iMac's 2 Thunderbolt ports.

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            warrenbuckley Novice

            From what I have read it seems the common thing that we have all done is seem to have done a clean install of Yosemite (New SSDs, other reasons)

            So can we all clarify please if this issue has occurred after doing a clean install (seems like something is required from previous version/s of OSX for this to work)


            I have created a poll here quickly, be good to get a quick overview if we are all having the issue because we done a clean install or not





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              warrenbuckley Novice

              Has anyone tried this temporary solution in the meantime?

              VMWare Fusion 7 / 3 displays not supported?

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                davesamic Novice

                Hey Warren,


                Just tried it and no luck for me...bummer.  Would like to have taken that one out for the year!  I have Thunderbolt configurtion though, daisy changed monitors (the new LG ones), but as I said all of this worked before (same monitors) until i did fresh install of Yosemite.


                Apparently, Fusion dudes at VMware dont like to respond, this has been pretty dead man!

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                  dasfreund Novice

                  Yes. Disappointing lack of response. For what it's worth I confirmed the upgrade process fixes this. Wiped my disk (again), reinstalled 10.9, fusion 7 (went with 64 bit windows 8.1 for the guest), and then upgraded to 10.10; all is well with 3 monitors- 2x24" Apple cinema displays (mini display port) connected to 2 thunderbolt ports on a 27" iMac. Since I had just done a clean install, this was worth it for me, but I assume it won't help most you who can't afford to start over.

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                    warrenbuckley Novice

                    Hi Dasfreund,

                    As I have a little bit of time before I return to work I may do a rebuild and do an OSX upgrade from Mavericks to Yosemite.


                    Just so I am 100% clear, what steps did you do, I plan to do the following:


                    • Backup current VMs & any other general backups needed
                    • Wipe & reinstall Mavericks from a USB bootable device
                    • Install VMWare Fusion 6
                    • Import VMs from backup
                    • Upgrade to Yosemite
                    • Upgrade VMWare Fusion from 6 to 7


                    I am curious to know if you installed VMWare Fusion at all on Mavericks or did you just install VMWare Fusion 7 once you have done the upgrade from Mavericks to Yosemite?


                    Many Thanks,


                    • 37. Re: Display Issues with Yosemite
                      dasfreund Novice

                      Yes, this. Except in the 3rd bullet, I installed Fusion 7. I only upgraded the OS, not Fusion.

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                        nthebay Novice

                        How can such a critical feature still be broken?  Is there any update from VMware on when this will be fixed?

                        • 39. Re: Display Issues with Yosemite
                          tokage Lurker

                          I just upgraded my OS from Mavericks to Yosemite, installed vmware Fusion 7 and am hitting the same problem with a Windows XP VM.  In fullscreen mode, the same desktop is mirrored on both displays.  I've tried all of the "tricks" in this thread, but can't figure out a way to reenable the second display as another monitor from within the guest OS.


                          My setup is nothing special -- I have a mid-2010 27" iMac running the latest Yosemite release (10.10.2), with an external 27" Apple display port monitor (iMac is too old for thunderbolt).  This worked fine on Fusion 6, but I had to upgrade to Fusion 7 to overcome some compatibility problems.  Seems like this was a mistake.


                          For what it's worth, I'm not sure why people are surprised by the lack of response from vmware on this issue.  Based on the way the last few fusion releases have been, fixing bugs doesn't seem to be any kind of priority.  vmware is really dropping the ball on this product and every new (paid) upgrade comes with more problems than it fixes.


                          What is it going to take for this product line to turn its game around and do a bit of QA before releasing a product out into the wild?


                          edit: after poking around a little more on the forums, I've found a solution that works, at least for now:


                          1.) Start VM in single window

                          2.) Choose "View > Use all displays in Full Screen" (note VM was still in single window at time)

                          3.) Choose "View > Full Screen"

                          My comments above still stand, however -- this product is really falling behind.  Time to put a little horsepower behind the development, folks.  You're dealing with "mac people" here and things are supposed to "just work."

                          • 40. Re: Display Issues with Yosemite
                            davesamic Novice

                            So... I installed 7.1.1 and it "tried" to fix Unity mode.  It's intermittently working and when you try to go into Unity mode, the apps line the menu bar at the top of the screen, go away, come back, go away... the little "preview" window on he virtual machine library page flickers like a bad light, and the desktop goes into Unity and then comes right back out.  I try to go back into Unity again and it works...for a while, then it quits...then the video on the machine gets all jacked up, and then i have to reboot the VM...


                            What a mess.


                            Scratch the above - that was windows 7.  WIndows 8.1 doesnt even work....  I am ready to give up on this MAC because being a tech guy that travels, forced to use apps that are windows only and just fed up with it all.  I dont want to run bootcamp becasue i will be flipping back and forth - this is so crappy man!!!!

                            • 41. Re: Display Issues with Yosemite
                              nthebay Novice

                              Whats even more frustrating is that this worked in the Fusion 7 Tech Preview.  I spent the time using that release to test with only to find out that it was broken in the GA release.  VMware confirmed that "there is some code change in this area after Fusion 7 Tech Preview".

                              • 42. Re: Display Issues with Yosemite
                                tokage Lurker

                                Well, as it turns out, my luck with getting this to work was short-lived.  After rebooting my machine and the VM, I cannot get multiple full-screen displays to work at all in the VM.


                                vmware folks, this is really screwed up.  What's it going to take to get the level of quality back up in this product?  Do you have a bug tracker we can file bugs against?

                                • 43. Re: Display Issues with Yosemite
                                  nickcadams Lurker

                                  +1 for a fix on this.  I'm dying only being able to use one monitor with my windows 8.1 VM.


                                  Please help.

                                  • 44. Re: Display Issues with Yosemite
                                    dittman Lurker

                                    I noticed the last post was back in April.


                                    Has there been any fix for this?  I just added a second display to my Mac Book Pro Retina 15" and am having the same issue with a Windows 7 VM.