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    HELP : GhettoVCB snapshot error and delete all VM files (VMDK and  vmx)

    SKVirtESX Lurker


      Help me please


      I have a big troublshooting with usage of GhettoVCB during a migration:


      Before moove my storage between VMFS3 to VMF5 I have start a manual GhettoVCB run by


      # ./ghettoVCB.sh -f vms_to_backup -g ./ghettoVCB.conf


      - I received Snapshot error messages and I/O errors and the backup of 2 VM on 3 was not done.

      - The VM stop

      - Error on VM "No disk available"

      - on the storage of VM the folder is empty: no .vmdk, no .vmx... etc... totaly empty


      Have you any idea...


      240 Go of mail server inside....


      Please help me...