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    cannot relocate virtual machine

    bellissimopythohn Lurker


      I have a esx 3.5 and a big virtual machine to migrate from a SAN connected by FC to a NAS connected by NFS.

      The VM is 2,67 TB distribuited on 5 LUNs.

      Two lun are full. One is 1,46 TB with 87 GB free (the vm's disk is 512 GB). The other lun is 1,46 TB with 99 GB free (the VM's disk is 1,36 TB).

      I started the migration but after 20 minutes I have the following error:

      "cannot relocate virtual machine"

      but on the events of the esx I have a "time out" error on the same while I start the migration.

      I have already migrated others vm from the same storage (san) to the other (nas) without problems. Those machine are rather little (300 GB, 200 GB, 145 GB).

      Now I have to migrate those bigger macchine (2,67 TB and 1,22 TB for the exchange2007).  Today I will try with the exchange server that is more little.

      Anyway u have some hints on how to solve the "time out" error ?

      thank you.