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    Licencing issue/question

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      We are currently at vSphere 4.1 U3, (hopefully) upgrading to. V5.1.   We are a departmental branch in a large organization.

      We have a 8 CPU Enterprise Plus license split on two ESXi Hosts (HP DL580's 4CPU ). 

      We recently were asked by a sister branch if we wanted their unused, 2 CPU  licences. (We have a third DL580 we have wanted to add for some time.)

      Of course we said yes, but after the transfer, realized it was Enterprise, not Enterprise Plus.

      Also didn't realize(I'm assuming at this point) the licence had to match the CPU count in the Host (?), as we got errors when applying the key.

      We're now scrambling to try and get Head Office to upgrade these to Plus, and add two more

      to standardize the config, but not sure if they'll spring for it.


      a couple of questions.  Aside from Distributed Switching (a feature we love), can the two editions co-exist? (We have one vCenter 4.1 server)

      Anyone else out there have a mixed bag of stuff?

      Any insights into this?