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    VI3: Linux Client, Please

    nick.couchman Champion

      Well, I've seen several threads around here asking about VirtualCenter support for Linux, which I think is a great idea.  I recently downloaded an evaluation copy of ESX3 (VI3 - whatever you'd like to call it) as a proof-of-concept for my boss.  I was floored when I found out that there is no ESX3 Client/Console (or "Virtual Infrastructure Client" if you'd like to call it that) for Linux.  Are you kidding?!  Please, VMware, take this request seriously - there are quite a few of us Linux guys out here running ESX that don't want to also have to run Windows inside of Player or Workstation on their local PC's just so they can manage ESX3.  Please, get a Linux client/console for ESX3 out soon (as well as the Linux VC clients that have already been mentioed).

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