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    Unable to add host with used/busy NIC to a VDS

    Reuben13 Novice

      Creation of a new DVS never shows a busy/used NIC. But If the DVS is already created then we can add hosts with busy/used nic (which are plugged to other VSS or DVS).


      Manually we can do this. While doing it from coding it is throwing error that NIC is busy. Any idea how to do that ?


      This is what i am doing while reconfiguring the dvs.


              dvs_config_spec = vim.DistributedVirtualSwitch.ConfigSpec()  
              dvs_config_spec.configVersion = dvs.config.configVersion  
          for host in hosts:  
              dvs_host_config = vim.dvs.HostMember.ConfigSpec()  
              dvs_host_config.operation = vim.ConfigSpecOperation.add  
              dvs_host_config.backing = vim.dvs.HostMember.PnicBacking()  
              pnic_spec = vim.dvs.HostMember. \  
              dvs_host_config.backing.pnicSpec = [pnic_spec]  
              dvs_host_config.host = host  
              dvs_config_spec.host = [dvs_host_config]