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    View & CPU Ready

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           I have a small non-persistent pool with linked clones with win7 32bit.  my user are task workers, outlook, excel, work, light internet, like really light, no video / audio either.  i have a dell d620 with the following specs running ONLY vdi vm's, nothing else, dns, ad, exchange, etc, etc are all on other host servers, specs are 192gb ram, 2 procs, 8 cores (16), hyperthreaded to 32 logical procs.  there are 63 vdi vm's on the server, about 45 in use at any given time, about 7 are always in a ready state to accept new connections or handle logoffs / reboot.  whoops, vm's all have 1vcpu and 3gb ram.   cpu ready runs around 2.5% all day and i can't get it any lower, base image is optimized with view optimization tool, lsi sas, no floppy, all best practices in the deployment guide are being followed.


      my question is this, at 2.5% cpu ready things seem sluggish to the user at times, would moving the pool to 2vcpu improve this?  i am always very cautious with adding vcpu as it could make things worse with cpu ready, vmware always says start with 1 and go from there, but im wondering if the density ratio of so many vm's with 1vcpu could be working against me.  the view deployment guide say 1, but then quickly moves to 2. 


      i'm curious to know what config you all are running with the ratio of vcpu to pcpu and your task worked CPU ready.  deployment guide says 6:1 should be fine, but i'm just a hair over 1:1 and my users complain about slowness, SAN iops and what not are fine as well, barely any iscsi traffic to speak of as well, network isn't the issue either, it's LAN stuff. 


      Any help would be awesome to hear about what my peers are doing, thanks all!